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Launched in the year 2003, the popular content management platform by the name of WordPress has got enough recognition and fame worldwide. This content management system allows a user to easily modify, edit and post new contents on a website.

The template system within the software allows a user to modify the widgets without changing the HTML codes. This award winning content management platform got several recognition over the years because of its true and simple functionalities. WordPress is often called as an Open Source project because of the fact that several people are already working on it at the same time.

Importance and Benefits of WordPress websites
Free of cost and easy

One of the primary benefits of the platform is that it is simple to use and above all, it is free of cost. Most of the themes available on WordPress fall under the price range of 100 dollars and most of the themes are available for free.

One of the easiest platforms available for you

WordPress is one of the easiest software platforms for you to use because all you need to work on is a system and an internet connection. If you have worked on Facebook or any other Microsoft feature then you can easily work on WordPress. Every single operation present in WordPress can be done by any simple person who does not have any superior technical knowledge thereby eliminating the need for hiring any developer or designer.

Mobility factor

You can access WordPress from any corner of the world and all you need is an internet connection with you so that you can start working. This means that your website if left incomplete at any point of time will remain safe in a safe and secure server.

Search Engine Friendly results

The website you design or work on with WordPress is always search engine friendly, which is why it appears in the top search results of popular search engines like Google.

Supports RSS feeds

The content management platform of WordPress supports both RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0 that assists the user by posting latest news updates.