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Web hosting is amongst the most vital aspects of online marketing, so is selecting the right operating system to go with your web hosting servers that run the websites and server software.

Although there are numerous types of web hosting available, Linux and windows web hosting are considered the most popular options. Since both Linux and windows offers various beneficial features to the users, selecting one among these is an overwhelming task.

Not sure, which operating system version should you take for your web hosting servers?

Let us make things bit simpler for you and tell you the advantages of both Linux hosting in London and windows hosting in London , so that you can select the one that best suits your requirements.

Benefits of Windows Web Hosting

Windows operating system enables the websites to run Active Server Pages and easily integrates with products of Microsoft and SQL database. There are several options in windows hosting like Windows 2000 Server, Advanced Server, 2003 Server, to name a few. Many find Microsoft’s server software bit expensive and one also have to pay extra for getting extra software like firewall, ASP Mail, remote admin programs or other applications. However, windows are widely preferred by many due to its easy user interface.

Things you get with windows web hosting
  • ASP ASP.NET Support
  • SQL Server Database
  • Easy User Interface
  • Microsoft’s Product Support
  • Access Database Support
  • PHP and MySQL Compatibility
  • Good Security and Stability
  • IIS Web Server
  • Ability to Use Additional Software Like Firewall, ASP Encrypt etc.
  • Microsoft's Programming Environments like Active Server Pages (ASP), Visual Basic Scripts, MS Index Server etc.
Benefits of Linux Web Hosting

Linux software is liked by many web hosting professionals as it is free, compatible with PHP and offers good security. It is actually a common name for different operating systems since it is written commonly by a community of individuals. Some companies also market it under various names like Red Hat, Debian, Slackware, and Fredora among others. The main advantage of Linux over windows is that it is free, except Red Hat version, and one can get all additional software like APF firewall, Apache and others without paying anything extra. However, administering Linux servers is tougher than monitoring windows as one has to use remote shell access like DOS. Therefore, everything is command based instead of clickable buttons.

Things you get with Linux web hosting
  • PHP and MySQL Support
  • Chmod File Permissions
  • Enhanced Security and Stability
  • Apache Web Server
  • More Control on Server
  • Mod Rewrite Support
  • Free Additional Software and Applications Like APF Firewall, Sendmail, BIND etc.

Vinsys Technologies is a renowned and one of the most preferred names when it comes to offering the best value web hosting services in London . We offer different types of Linux hosting and windows hosting plans at competitive prices to meet all your web hosting needs efficiently. The highlights of our web hosting services are fastidiousness, speed, stable internet connection and 24X7 customer support. Not only that, both our linux and windows hosting automation are specifically designed to ensure that they can be upgraded later on with ease so as to perfectly meet the future requirements of our clients.