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Today with the advent of globalization, firms are trying to integrate their own economy with the economy of the world and it is the company software that is enabling them to work much effectively.

Software training in london, their firm assists them to work without errors and also without the risk of failing in any attempt. It is quite clear from the fact that the main aim behind software development by any company is to improve the output and to reduce the level of errors when working on a large scale. However, using software requires apt training and study module so that the users are well aware of all the functionality associated with the software. Software training in london also assists employees in dealing with multiple clients at the same time and also reducing with errors.

Software training london also assists employees in selecting appropriate software depending on the functionality and its usage. Software is always designed keeping in mind the functionality and the operational requirement of the business firm. A proper training on the software enables better results from the employees and better functionality of the employees.

In the nearly inevitable computer era, businesses often lag behind in terms of productivity and payrolls. Company software assists the firm in making things easier for an employee and also saves time for doing the same work again and again. Software training reduces the chances of errors that an employee or a user makes while working. Increased knowledge regarding the functionality and usability of the software makes things easy for an employee and he can handle any given situation or software problem with ease compared to a user who is not trained on the software. Confident and trained users are said to be better performers compared to those who are not trained on company software, which is why firms give training to the employees on company software dummies.

Course Duration Price
Software / Web / Mobile Testing Training
Manual Testing Training 15 Hours / 3 days (5 Hours per day) £450
Selenium Training with Java (Automation) 18 Hours / 3 days (6 Hours per day) £450
Selenium Training with C# (Automation) 18 Hours / 3 days (6 Hours per day) £450
Software Testing (Manual & Automation) 35 Hours / 5 days (7 Hours per day) £750
Mobile Applications Testing Training 18 Hours / 3 days (6 Hours per day) £450
QTP / UFT Training (Automation) 15 Hours / 3 days (5 Hours per day) £450
Software / Web Performance Testing Training
JMeter Training 15 Hours / 3 days (5 Hours per day) £450
SoapUI Training 15 Hours / 3 days (5 Hours per day) £450
Mobile Application Testing Training
Appium Android Training (Automation) 15 Hours / 3 days (5 Hours per day) £750
Appium iOS Training (Automation) 15 Hours / 3 days (5 Hours per day) £750
Internet Marketing
SEO Training 15 Hours / 3 days (5 Hours per day) £450

To enrol yourself in the training program, all you need to do is contact us and get started.

Big Lottery Fund
Cambridge Consultants
IT Services University of Oxford
Family Investments
National house building council
MEM Consumer Finance
Hood Group
Care Quality Commission
MD Insurance Services Ltd
Orbis Investment Advisory Ltd



We are based in London but we run training programs around the UK and Europe.
We can provide the training onsite as well. Please contact us for Bookings and Price details.
We are conducting every month :
Selenium Training in Berlin - Germany
Selenium Training in Dublin - Ireland
Selenium Training in Paris - France

If you are looking for any other training programs around the UK and Europe, please visit our 'Training' page and contact us with your course requirements.

How Software training help us?
  • Software training improves the work efficiency of the employees
  • Improves work productivity as employees are aware of the software functionality
  • Time and efficiency are saved with regular software training
  • Improved functionality and saves time