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QTP stands for Quick Test Professional, which is a popular testing tool and its main function is to automate the actions of a user on a client centric computer application. It is an automated GUI or a graphical user interface used worldwide.Vinsystech offering QTP training in london with all the necessary aspects required for a user to get equipped with.

QTP training coures in london offered by Vinsys Technologies really helpfull to software testers who are looking to upgrade their skills to enter into QTP automation. In order to specify the procedure of the testing process to the user QTP utilizes a scripting language based on a VB script and it is because of this one can also control and manipulate the application under the testing circumstances.

Things About QTP That You Should Know:
  • Mercury Interactive launched it in the year 2002 but in the year 2007, it was taken over by HP.
  • An Object Based Testing Tool as it follows an object model to perform all testing operations.
  • QTP is suited for Regression and Functional testing but can also be utilized for Performance and Compatibility testing.
  • It uses a keyword driven approach for the process.
  • It does not depend on the server side interaction and supports windows operating system only.
  • Does not support command user interface but supports graphical user interface and web based application automation.
  • With license, it can support several languages including English with likes of Chinese, Korean, Japanese and many more.
  • For data, driven testing it has adapted spreadsheet similar to that of Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic Scripting edition for programming.
Some Basic Advantages of Using QTP:
  • Testing in it is keyword driven
  • Best suited for both web based and client server application
  • The scripting language that it uses is VB Script
  • The error handling mechanism present in QTP is much better
  • Data driven testing features makes it much better
  • Stand alone operation with Mercury quality centre and testing
  • Easier maintenance, data driven capability and fast testing enabled with the presence of Quick test professional 8.0
  • With the presence of smart object recognition feature enables error free script execution
  • Auto documentation technology enables the user to save time
  • Checkpoint enable the validation of applications properly

We offer quality and competitive QTP training with much focus on the future aspect of the learner.

QTP/UFT Training - Price - £450 15 Hours , 3 Days (5 Hours / day)

  • QTP Introduction
  • Types Recordings in QTP
  • Run Modes in QTP
  • Keyword view and Expert view
  • Ways of entering script in QTP
  • How to write VB script in QTP
  • VB Script Fundamentals
  • VB Script Variables and Operators
  • VB Script Statements and Loops
  • VB Script Built in Functions and Functions
  • VB Script Procedures
  • QTP Transactions
  • QTP Synchronisation points
  • QTP Step generator
  • Check points and Types of Check points
  • QTP Output Values
  • Actions in QTP and its types
  • Testing on web Application
  • Object repository and its types
  • Recovery scenario
  • Parameterization
  • Debugging
  • Data Base Connection
  • Regular expressions
  • Data tables and sheets
  • Working with text files
  • Environment variables
  • Running a test batch runner

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