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CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP MVC framework with a simple and elegant tool kit. You can create full featured web applications with simple php codes. CodeIgniter is by
EllisLab and the website has very good step by step documentation of how to use CodeIgniter frame work and it’s libraries and helper classes. It is very easy to install and configure Codeigniter framework at your localhost or hosting location servers. Now a days MVC frame work is becoming more popular because of its simplicity in coding with Model, Views and Control concept.

The Hypertext Preprocessor is called as PHP, it is a web server side programming language that allows you to build dynamic and interactive features to a web development applications or websites with databases. PHP is generally used for developing web based software applications. The OOP ( object oriented programming ) concepts introduced in PHP 5 and by using its features of classes, methods and objects you can write the code for better reusability for better performance. The main features of OOP are classes, objects, methods, properties and its usage..


CodeIgniter PHP MVC frame work Training - Price - £450 Duration : 15 Hrs , 3 Days ( 5 Hours a day)

PHP OOP concepts and CodeIgniter MVC frame work

Object Oriented Programming Concepts (OOP)
  • Introduction to OOP
  • what is a class
  • what is a object
  • what is a method
  • what is a property
  • Creating a class, object & methods
  • Working with multiple objects and instances
  • Returning a propery value
  • changing a property value
  • public , private and protected access keywords
  • what is a constant
  • what is a constructor
  • Usage of OOPs programming in real time
CodeIgniter - MVC - Framework
  • Introduction of Code Igniter
  • Downloading & installation of Code Igniter
  • Configuration of Code Igniter
  • Getting started of Code Igniter
  • Features of Code Igniter
  • General topics in Code Igniter
  • Code Igniter and its MVC frame work
  • What is Model in Code Igniter and how to use Model
  • What is Views in Code Igniter and how to use Views
  • What is controller in Code Igniter and how to use controller
  • What is Helper in Code Igniter and how to use controller
  • What is Drivers in Code Igniter and how to use controller
  • About Classes in Code Igniter and how to use class
  • About Libraries in Code Igniter and how to use Libraries
  • Common functions in Code Igniter
  • Routing in Code Igniter
  • How to use applications in How to use applications
  • How to use help in Code Igniter

Who all will be benefited with CodeIgniterTraining?
  • Managers
  • PHP Developers
  • Amateur developers seeking career in php programming and web development
  • Software Unit Test Engineers

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We are based in London but we run training programs around the UK and Europe.
We can provide the training onsite as well. Please contact us for Bookings and Price details.

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