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What is PHP?

Hypertext processor is the true meaning of the word PHP and it was discovered in the year 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf as the best way to control the homepage of his personal website. Suring the initial stages of the development of the platform, the person started working on CGI binaries but then after seeing the functionalities of the medium he switched on to developing application using the medium. The initial or the starting stages of PHP were nothing great to talk about but after the introduction of PHP forms things became a bit relevant for the so called greatest web development language of all times. We at Vinsystech have professional experienced php developers in london and delivered many php websites in london for various clients irrespective of small, medium and big companies. Our php developers in london who work hardly to convert dreams into reality for our values clients. We are one of the professional php development company in London.

PHP is actually a scripting language or an interpreted language that operates on the side server similar to that of scripts like Asp, CGI and many more. The syntax of the language is derived from that of languages like Perl and Java of C. Here are certain important points as to know why PHP is important today:

  • There is a massive community of PHP users that share vital information about the development platform with important examples on scripting language.
  • Source code like GNU GPL on which PHP is realized is freely available.
  • Simple scripting platform as one can easily include a PHP script in a HTML page unlike other platforms, which require a developer to write each and every code for every line he or she wants to be displayed.
  • You can easily create a user interface with databases and web servers like Microsoft IIS and Apache with PHP.
Role of PHP in Web Development

The role of PHP over the years has defined web development field in a better way and the scope for this platform is immense. PHP developers with the help of developing platform are finding a great career with the help of experts from the PHP communities. The multiple varieties of PHP framework available on the internet can be used by anyone for free.