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Vinsys Technolgies offering the training for .net training including training in london, and c sharp training in london. One of the most common platforms that are used in especially Microsoft is Dot Net and Vinsystech is a specialist when it comes to .net training in london.

The dot net framework is popular among the IT professionals and web developers due to the extensive benefits that it offers to them. It is because of the same framework a professional is able to design a complete information system within the network system of modern computers. Another benefit is that several application programs with internet capability are created using the dot net platform and one can also concentrate on the management and business logic of the product easily with the help of dot net platform.

Dot net ( / / c # ) actually separates the presentation logic from the application logic very easily, which is why developers find this medium very easy for the maintenance of codes. There is no chance of confusion between the HTML codes and the Asp code as the design code and actual code are written separately. Deploying web applications is really easy with the help of platforms like .net framework because all you need to do is copy the application along with the required components on the target place. Another advantage that .net offers is that it loads components without any trouble of confusion between multiple versions.

One of the major benefits that the platform offers is the simplicity and the availability of upgraded on a timely basis as Microsoft releases updates from time to time. Other than already much talked about improved flexibility, stability and efficiency here are certain key benefits of .net platform:

  • Design time errors are reduced to a greater extent
  • Class libraries and latest set of controls available in the platform
  • Run time error handling is also present that makes the platform much dependable
  • Cache pages for much better performance
Why Us?

We are dependable when it comes to .net ( / / c # ) training in London because there are several training classes available in the market that are claiming to be the best but we follow latest protocols and guidelines. Compared to other .net trainers available in the market we provide education at an economical rate. - Price - £450Duration : 15 Hrs , 3 Days ( 5 Hours per day)

  • HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language)
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)
  • Java Script
  • ASP.NET 4.0



  • A Review of classic ASP
  • Client Side Scripting Languages
  • IIS Architecture
  • Server Side Scripting Languages
  • Web Development using Visual Studio
  • What is ASP.Net
  • Moving from ASP to ASP.Net
  • Name Spaces and New Scenario
  • In Page Techniques and Code Behind Techniques
  • Web Pages to Web Forms
  • Client Side vs. Server Side Controls
  • HTML Server Controls
  • Web Server Controls
  • ASP.Net Page Execution Architecture
  • Rich Controls & Controlling Focus
  • Overview of Asp.Net Validation Controls
  • Using Simple & Complex validations
  • Summarizing Results with Validation Summary Control
  • Introduction to Web Forms
  • Applying Styles to Controls, Themes, Skins
  • Page Directives
  • Using CSS Master pages Design
  • Preserving State in Web Applications
  • Page Submission & Cookies
  • Session States & Tracking
  • Application State
7. ADO.NET and Bound Controls in ASP.NET
  • Introduction and Overview of ADO.Net
  • Data Reader
  • Data List
  • Retrieve Data Using Data Set
  • Repeater
  • Data Source Controls
  • SQL Data Source
  • Bind Data to Drop Down List
  • Form View and Details View
  • Grid View – Paging, Sorting, Editing, Deleting etc.
8. Data Connections with Various Databases
  • Connection with MS Access
  • Oracle Connections
  • SQL Server Connections
  • Database Creation & Linking with UI
9. Data Binding
  • Introducing Data Source Controls
  • Reading and write Data using Sql Data Source Control
  • Object Data Source Control Usage
  • Displaying XML data using Xml Data Source Control
10. ASP.NET Error Handling & Debug
  • Page Level Error Handling
  • Application level Error Handling
  • Debugging & Tracing
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Windows, Forms, Password Authentication
  • Authoring Users and Roles
  • Asp.Net Website Navigation
  • Site Navigation Controls Usage
  • Using Site Navigation API
  • Web Part Manager
  • Zone Types
  • Content Web part
  • Catalog Web parts
  • Personalization Features using Web parts
14. ASP.NET Additional Concepts & AJAX Intro
  • Web Services Intro. and XML Services
  • Working with Master Pages
  • Crystal Reports Introduction.
  • Introduction to AJAX
  • Explaining Controls in Ajax Tool Kit.


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